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Deaf Devin Sings the Christmas Classics Available now!

Deaf Devin Sings the Christmas Classics is the first album from the sensation Deaf Devin.

Obtain your copy at a pay what you want price(that means you can give us all your money!) at http://deafdevin.bandcamp.com/ hurry supplies are limited!

Geeky Song of the Week: An Awful lot of Running

On the advent of me completing the fourth series, the final one for David Tennant I give you An Awful lot of Running by Chameleon Circuit which pretty much sums up Tennant’s run on the show.

Geeky Song of the Week: Me And Alan Moore’s Beard

We’ve talked about Mikey Mason before and looking for one of his songs this is one of the best quality around. Also if you have even a passing familiarity with Alan Moore and his beard I can’t see how you don’t think this song is awesome.

Geeky Song of the Week

This is a Tim pick. It can be hard to understand what he’s saying so I’ve included the lyrics after the jump.

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Get A New Free Jonathon Coulton Song Right Now!

Jonathon Coulton has decided in his infinite wisdom to give us a taste of artificial heart. You can go download it here.


It’s supposed to be a thing for newsletter subscribers only, but its pretty easy to get to. You should think about repaying the favor and subscribe to his newsletter just cause too.

If you’re new to JoCo then just navigate over to the music tab on his site and you can listen to everything for free. Heck you can even download a good portion of it for free.

Devin’s Summer Songs

So here’s my list.  Its nothing special.  I’m not super indie like Tim, so don’t expect to be blown away with stuff you have never heard of. Although if you haven’t heard of some of these, that’s ok. I really didn’t know a lot of these before I made this list.  I would love to hear your Summer Song list as well.

Artificial Heart – Jonathon Coulton

I am geeking out for this album. The only song I have heard on it is the new recording of “Still Alive”. I have been refraining from listening to the live songs on youtube because of the terrible quality. I want the first time I hear these songs to be awesome. Coulton does Folk music with geeky trappings. This promises to be a wonderful time. And no that is not the album art in the left if you were wondering.

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