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Let’s Play Earthbound 47: On A Boat

Our shortest episode yet, but don’t discount it. We make our way to THE DESERT.

Let’s Play Earthbound 45: Emotional Roller Coaster of a Minute

This week we fight a dirty old rat and get out of those sewers!

Let’s Play Earthbound 43: God that Cake was Really Weird

Join us as we journey to a mystical land, where KWAA the crown prince lives. Here we travel the place of emptiness and…trip out I guess.

Let’s Play Earthbound 42: TriPickle

This week we go to the beach. But it gets a little boring by the sea, unfortunately we can’t leave because everyone is afraid of the Kraken…what is this Final Fantasy?

Let’s Play Earthbound 41: Winter’s Isn’t Comming

After a week hiatus were back. We do a lot this episode, just be ready to yell Pokey at the screen!

Let’s Play Earthbound 40: 88 MPH

Teleporting was all the rage in the 90’s

Let’s Play Earthbound 39- WHOAAAAAAAH

We spend a lot of time pleasing monkeys.

Let’s Play Earthbound 35: Modest Mole

We clear out the mine of moles. You know we just did some laser surgery on it.


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