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Devin’s Summer Songs

So here’s my list.  Its nothing special.  I’m not super indie like Tim, so don’t expect to be blown away with stuff you have never heard of. Although if you haven’t heard of some of these, that’s ok. I really didn’t know a lot of these before I made this list.  I would love to hear your Summer Song list as well.

Artificial Heart – Jonathon Coulton

I am geeking out for this album. The only song I have heard on it is the new recording of “Still Alive”. I have been refraining from listening to the live songs on youtube because of the terrible quality. I want the first time I hear these songs to be awesome. Coulton does Folk music with geeky trappings. This promises to be a wonderful time. And no that is not the album art in the left if you were wondering.

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