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The Get Geek 2012 Video Game Draft

With the debut of the real life Ezekial, there’s magic in the air as we bid against each other to win the games we think are going to sell the most. The person who’s games sell the best at the end of the year wins 10$ from the losers!

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD )18: Horker Hunter

We commit suicide at least 2 times. Also my brother makes an appearance. Don’t worry it all turns out ok though.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) 16: Took an arrow to the knee, gained 1 arrow!

We move north, and begin our journey to join the stormcloaks. In the process we piss of the entire city of Windhelm, as only Ezekial knows how!

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) Episode 15: The Marathon

We go kill us some vampires! Then we get ourselves a nice pet in Lydia.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) Episode 13: Leme Buy You a Drink

As that quest raps up we get out to the local bar, you know socializin.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) 12: The Return of Ezekial

Were back right where we left off, in pursuit of the Redguards assassins. But things may not be all that they seem.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) 11: Cooking with Ezekiel

We find out what the pretty lady wants, and then go mammoth hunting!

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) 10: Wookie with a lightsaber

You know what…with a title like that I don’t think I have to explain the episode.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) 9: Playing With Fire

In which Ezekial plays with fire, and we learn he is right handed.

Let’s Play Skyrim(HD) Episode 8: This Place Needs a Maid

Ezekial fights his way through hordes of undead to the center of the mountain. And Ezekial hates undead.


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