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REVIEW: DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore

AngelHC7.jpgAlan Moore is a god among comic fans and rightfully so. This is a trade that collects all of his miscellaneous DC issues, not including the series he did(Swamp Thing, Watchmen, ect).

DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore

Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Artist: Various
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $19.99

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REVIEW: Angel: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart(2011)

AngelHC7.jpgAngel: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, is a six issue arc directly following The Crown Prince Syndrome. The book is a good end for the arc, but as the end of an era of Angel it doesn’t hold up.

Angel: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart

Writer: David Tischman, and Mariah Huenher
Art: Elena Casagrande, Jason Armstrong, Stephen Thompson
Colorist: Ilaria Traversir,Brian Miller, Lisa Jackson
Editor: Maria Huehner
Cover Price: $24.99

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Top 10 reasons to watch Buffy

To kick off my buffy themed week I’d thought I’d give a reason why people should watch Buffy, and her sister show Angel for a couple of reasons. One, if you haven’t seen the show I feel the need to make you. Two, Tim, the second and mostly dormant half of the Get Geek team has yet to watch it.  In all honesty though it was a good excuse to remember the fun times had watching the show, and if you have already seen the show it should be fun for you as well.

Creative episodes like Hush, Superstar, Conversations with Dead People, and Smile Time

The shows were great at pulling off really cool episodes that were very different, but could still feeel like they belonged. In hush there is no talking for most of the episode, in superstar one of the side characters becomes the main character in some alternate dimension episode complete with a new opening theme/title cards. Conversations with dead people features 4 completely isolated, but thematically connected stories. Then one of my favorite Angel episodes, Smile Time in which Angel is a puppet for most of the episode.

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REVIEW: Lost at Sea (2003)

AngelHC7.jpgBefore O’Malley crashed into popularity with the (Amazing) Scott Pilgrim series, their was Lost at Sea.  Lost at sea is a look at the confusing lonely time of being a teenager.

Lost at Sea

Writer and Artist:  Bryan Lee O’Malley
Editor: James Lucas Jones
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $11.95

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REVIEW: Fables Vol.4 (2010)

AngelHC7.jpgIf you couldn’t tell, I really like Fables. In fact, I love Mr. Willingham’s work in general. This volume is no different. It is the biggest, most epic Fables story line yet.

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers

Writer:  Bill Willingham
Pencillers: Mark Buckingham, Craig Hamilton, P. Craig Russell
Inkers: Steve Leialoha, P. Craig Russell, Mark Buckingham
Colorist:Daniel Vozzo, Lovern Kindzierski
Editor: Shelly Bond
Price: $17.99

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REVIEW: Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome(2010)

AngelHC7.jpgAngel: The Crown Prince Syndrome, is a six issue arc directly following Immortality For Dummies. The quo is even more status-ified, and things get more crazy. If you like the first volume, you will like this just as much.

Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome

Writer:  Bill Willingham, David Tischman, and Mariah Huenher
Art: Elena Casagrande
Inks: Walter Trono
Colorist: Ilaria Traversir
Editor: Maria Huehner
Cover Price: $24.99

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REVIEW: Spike The Devil You Know(2010)

AngelHC7.jpgSpike The Devil You Know is a four issue spin off of the Angel title. It features Eddie Hope; the blue devil introduced in Immortality For Dummies. It’s a fun little book with some unfortunate problems.

Spike The Devil You Know

Writer:  Bill Williams
Pencils: Chris Cross
Inks:Marc Deering
Colorist:Ronda Pattison & Charlie Kirchoff
Editor: Maria Huehner
Cover Price: $17.99

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REVIEW: Angel: Immortality For Dummies(2010)

AngelHC7.jpgAngel: Immortality For Dummies is the five issue arc in which the wonderful Bill Willingham stepped on as the writer.Angel is missing, but other than that the status quo is returned to normal. The best thing about this is you don’t have to read the issues before this to get it.

Angel: Immortality For Dummies

Writer:  Bill Willingham
Art: Brian Denham
Colorist:Alfred Rockefeller
Editor: Maria Huehner and Chris Ryall
Cover Price: $24.99

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Aliens Vs. Predator(1992)

Predators hunt Aliens, Aliens hunt Predator, they both hunt us. And thats basically the premise for the book. You’ve got a colony of humans space farmers who get in the way of a hunt. Fun times are had by all. Read on for the full review.

Aliens vs. Predator

Writer: Randy Stradley
Penciller:Phill Norwood, Chris Warner
Inker:Karl Story, Robert Campanella, Phill Norwood
Colorist: INCOLOR
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher:Dark Horse
Cover Price: $19.95
Page Count: 150

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Angel: Only Human(2010) This is what all Angel Comics should be

Angel Only Human is a 5 issue mini series that takes place after Angel:Last Angel in Hell. It follows Gunn and Illyria in a treck across California, and Texas. This is the kind of story I have been wanting to see out of the Angel comics since they started. SPOILERS: for After the Fall and Buffy/Angel the tv series. Continue for the full review.

Angel: Only Human

Writer: Scott Lodbell
Penciller:David Messina
Inker:Gaetano Carclucci
Colorist:Ilaria Traversi
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Maria Huekner and Chris Ryall
Cover Price: $19.99

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