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Geeky Song of the Week: Starcraft Edition

Here’s the first two Terran themes from the original Starcraft done on piano. Normally I only do one video per post, but I couldn’t decide between these, there just awesome.

Geeky Song of the Week: The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim Theme

Not our usual style of song here, but since this past week has been all about the Skyrim, what better way to end it then with this awesome music.

Oh, and I found this awesome 8-bit rendition as well. It’s really well done.

Geeky Song of the Week: Marvin I Love You

I’m about to finish up A Game of Thrones and am about to read The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (I know a weird transition) so what better time then now to bust out one of the old Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchikers Guide.

Geeky Song of the Week: Zombie Me

With Halloween just around the corner how could I not put a zombie song here?

This song is by the super cool band No More Kings, and is about becoming a zombie, and the unfortunate things that come of it.

Geeky Song of the Week: An Awful lot of Running

On the advent of me completing the fourth series, the final one for David Tennant I give you An Awful lot of Running by Chameleon Circuit which pretty much sums up Tennant’s run on the show.

Geeky Song of the Week: Critical Hit

Inspired by the recent release of the D&D live Pax’11 game with Will Wheaton and the rest.

Geeky Song of the Week: Me And Alan Moore’s Beard

We’ve talked about Mikey Mason before and looking for one of his songs this is one of the best quality around. Also if you have even a passing familiarity with Alan Moore and his beard I can’t see how you don’t think this song is awesome.

Geeky Song of the Week

This is a Tim pick. It can be hard to understand what he’s saying so I’ve included the lyrics after the jump.

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